SRFAC Updates for Training Centres (230620)

  1. The Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced on 15 June 2020 that Singapore will enter Phase 2 of post Circuit Breaker period on 19 June 2020. In line with this, the Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council (SRFAC), in consultation with Ministry of Health (MOH), will allow the phased resumption of first aid training and life support courses, as summarised in Table 1 below.


Table 1. Phased resumption of Life Support and First Aid training in post Circuit Breaker period

Phase Training may resume for the following:
Phase 1 (“Safe Opening”) Since 2nd June 2020.


Training may resume only for learners working in essential services that require life support and/or first aid training as part of professional registration or service licensing requirement, as listed in the following:

1.    Healthcare workers

2.    Healthcare students

3.    Dentists

4.    Childcare/Pre-school teachers

5.    Paramedics and Emergency Medicine Technician working with Private Ambulance Operators


In addition, Training Centres need to abide with the following

a.    there should be no mixing of healthcare workers and healthcare students within the same training session (i.e. only students from the same class should be in the same training session).

b.    there should be no mixing of childcare/preschool teachers from different centres within the same training session.

c.    Learners will also need to abide by the split team arrangement at their own workplaces.


Phase 2 (“Safe Transition”) From 19th June 2020.


In addition to the learners defined in phase 1, training may resume for all learners. Training Centres should also abide by sector-specific guidelines where applicable (e.g. guidance from MOE for training for CCA groups).


Training Centres need to abide with the following:

Ø  For Phase 2, class sizes still need to be capped at 5 learners to align with the current cap of 5 persons for gatherings (TCs within Institutes of Higher Learning, Healthcare Institutions and SAF/SCDF will remain capped at 40 learners).

Ø  Although there will be no restrictions on learners from different organisations/branches, learners from the same organisation may need to observe split team arrangements as per their own workplaces.


  1. Training centres should abide by the nation-wide general guidelines for workplaces issued on 9 May 2020 by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and to note the advisory issued on 19 May 2020 by Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) for safe resumption of businesses. Please refer to Annex A for the guidelines and advisory on safety measures for workplaces and businesses.


  1. To protect learners and instructors, Training Centres (TCs) MUST put in place the necessary precautionary measures to ensure training proceed safely. Training Centres MUST comply with the measures described in Sections A and B of the update memo sent on 28 May 2020 and may be subject to spot checks. To access the update memo sent on 28 May 2020, please visit SRFAC weblink –


  1. Training Centres (TCs) MUST provide a risk mitigation plan and submit them to SRFAC for vetting and approval prior to resuming training (please refer to Section C on the processes of submission of the update memo sent on 28 May 2020). For avoidance of doubt, TCs which had submitted their risk mitigation plans to SRFAC and had such plans approved during Phase 1 need not re-submit for approval. Non-compliance of the safety measures and training guidance may result in termination of the TC’s accreditation.


  1. Training Centres (TCs) will need to complete and submit the following to SRFAC (please see table below). TCs will also need to note the other processes required of businesses as indicated on the COVID Go Business website (please refer Annex A for the link).


Timeline Process
At least three weeks before TC intends to resume training Submit the safety measures the Training Centre will implement to ensure safe resumption of training, using the form provided, including relevant supporting documents where applicable



Email to AND


SRFAC will review the submitted plans and inform the TC of the outcome (approved vs required amendments) before TCs can resume training.


At least 5 days before every training If not submitted together with documents above, TCs will need to inform SRFAC the confirmed courses, to the same email addresses stated above.



TC should inform SRFAC of cancellation/rescheduling of class 2 days before



SRFAC will gradually resume accreditation audits for most Training Centres (TCs) until further notice. Training Centres’ accreditation status which have expired since 27th March 2020 will need to complete their renewal accreditation by 30th September 2020. We urge the affected TCs to resume the renewal process once audits can resume. Upon successful audit outcome, the new accreditation status will be backdated to the immediate past expiry date.


To view the full document with annexes – Updates for Training Centres (230620)

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