SRFAC Updates for Training Centres (070921)

Dear Training Centres,


Updates and Reminders for all Accredited Training Centres (TCs)


Clearing of Backlog of Providers and Instructors and Certification Matters (Update)

  1. DORSCON Orange has lasted for more than a year since 7th February 2020. SRFAC’s initial allowance for healthcare and educational institutions, “2 X DORSCON Orange duration” to renew provider and instructor certificates since 27th March 2020 cannot continue indefinitely. Since the opening of phase 3 on 28th December 2020, training activities have resumed some normalcy with safe management measures in place, which, have been refined and implemented over time.
    • As such, Training Centres (TCs) will need to clear any backlog of expired Provider and Instructor certification by 31st December 2021. The backlogged certificates will be valid for 2 years from their immediate past expiry date (backdated) upon successful completion of the respective re-certification course.
    • From 1st January 2022, individuals seeking to renew their provider-level certificates (BCLS+AED, First Aid*, ACLS, LSCN, etc) will be eligible for enrolment of refresher course up to 3 months after expiry date. However, the acceptance/recognition of an expired certificate for operational deployment remains the purview of the respective employing/licensing organisations/agencies.

*TCs conducting Child First Aid (CFA) course should only start accepting enrolment for refresher CFA courses from Mar/Apr 2022 onwards (due to introduction of new content in June 2020, thus, only full course should be conducted until then).


3rd SRFAC Townhall (virtual) Materials (Update)

  1. SRFAC held its third townhall on 31st July 2021. We are thankful to our presenters and participants for a wonderful and enriching session. The townhall session’s video recording and presented slides (uploaded as PDFs) can be found at


First Aid Videos (Update)

  1. SRFAC has uploaded a total of 22 videos on our YouTube channel ( The videos are intended to be used in conjunction with Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council (SRFAC) – accredited Standard First Aid (SFA) and Child First Aid (CFA) courses. While variations of some of the techniques may exist, the videos serve as a reference to complement the practical hands-on training and to align the techniques taught in the SFA and CFA courses. These videos are not intended to substitute formal first aid training.


Other Matters (Reminder)

  1. There are no further tightening or relaxation of safety measures for resuscitation and first aid training in view of the current situation. There are no differentiated measures for vaccinated and unvaccinated learners or staff. Please refer to the past memos for the safety measures expected of TCs.


  1. TCs intending to resume training but have yet to submit their risk mitigation plans are reminded to submit the plans to SRFAC for vetting and approval prior to resuming training, as per the process stated in previous update memos ( For avoidance of doubt, TCs which had submitted their risk mitigation plans to SRFAC and had such plans approved, need not re-submit for approval. Non-compliance of the safety measures and training guidance may result in termination of the TC’s accreditation. SRFAC will continue to conduct compliance checks and TCs are reminded to provide continuous updates on all confirmed/scheduled classes.


  1. Please update the profile, contact person and details of your TC within the SRFAC website directory to ensure that our update memos can reach your TC representatives.