SRFAC Updates for Training Centres (201121)

Dear Training Centres,


Updates and Reminders for all Accredited Training Centres (TCs)


Launch of Standard First Aid Instructor (SFAI) course (New)

  • SRFAC has launched the Standard First Aid Instructor (SFAI) Course which will be conducted by the 4 SFA Instructor Training Centres (ITCs) – Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore Red Cross, Singapore First Aid Training Centre and St John Singapore. The programme will cover 3 days of theory with mock teaching/assessment sessions; and includes 2 full SFA course training attachments (to be completed within 6 months from end of course) with the conducting SFA ITC. Please enquire with the above-mentioned SFA ITCs for course availability and other details.
  • This SFAI course is catered for individuals who aspire to be SFA instructors and already possess a CPR+AED instructor cert and has completed a Standard First Aid Provider course.
  • SRFAC will inform when the SFAI course is open for accreditation application to interested TCs in 2023.
  • Existing SFA Instructors who have been declared to SRFAC (in February 2021) by their Training Centres need not enrol for the SFAI course but will need to undergo an Instructor Proficiency Test (IPT) to be registered as SFA instructors. More details will be announced once the current COVID-19 situation stabilises.


 Antigen Rapid Testing for Training Centre Instructors, Staff and Learners (New)

To control the spread of COVID-19 infection cases, SRFAC is hereby recommending the following:

  • At least once-a-week Antigen Rapid Test (ART) for all instructors (permanent and associate/free-lance) and staff, regardless of vaccination status. See the following flowchart for the streamlined protocols for testing and Isolation – derived from
  • TCs should only admit ART/PCR-negative (within 24 hours from start of course) individuals into the TC. PCR and Pre-event Testing (PET) results are also acceptable on the Trace Together mobile application. The above-mentioned need not apply for internal staff (learners and/or instructors) who are already on Rostered Routine Testing (RRT), such as healthcare workers attending life support courses at the Training Centre within their institution/organisation. However, the recommendations will still apply for associate (free-lance) instructors and/or external learners who are not from the same institution/organisation.
  • TCs are required to verify the results, and ensure Instructors and staff report their ART results in accordance to a schedule determined by the TC.
  • For more details, please visit
  • For details regarding time-limited 8-weeks Rostered Routine Testing (RRT) for workplaces, please visit


Accreditation Audit Fee Payment (Update)

Moving forward, TCs which have submitted their audit application should wait for confirmation from SRFAC that their submitted dates have been matched to Auditors before proceeding to make the bank transfer of the audit fee. Please buffer at least 3 weeks between the earliest submitted date from date of audit application.


New SRFAC Staff handling Administrative and Accreditation Matters (Update)

Ms Noor Azlin (SRFAC’s new staff) will be gradually taking over and handling SRFAC’s administration and accreditation matters. Do direct the relevant enquiries, requests and emails to and CC


Return of Public-Access Defibrillators (PADs) after use during an Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) (Update)

Used Public Access Defibrillators (PADs) from Housing Development Board (HDB) blocks will be collected by SCDF Ambulance crew when they convey the casualty to the hospital. The used PAD will be collected by the contracted vendor at the respective fire stations after the data has been downloaded (for research and improvement purposes). The vendor will restock and replace the PAD back to its original location.

For PADs located in places other than HDB blocks, they should be returned to the AED owner (building management or security staff) after use.


Other Matters (Reminder)

TCs are reminded to strictly comply with the following safety measures:

  • Continue with twice-daily temperature-taking. Individuals who develop Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) symptoms during the course/workday must seek medical attention at the nearest Swab and Send Home (SASH) clinic.
  • Disinfect/wash hands thoroughly before and after every hands-on practice.
  • Manikins and re-useable training equipment (AED trainers, MDIs, BVMs, Auto-Injector trainers, etc) should be wiped down with disinfectant wipes after each use by a learner.
  • For First Aid courses, sufficient amount of bandages should be issued to the learners for their individual use only and should not be collected by the TC to be re-used for the next batch of learners.
  • Disinfect the training premise and common touch points at the end of each training day/session.


TCs intending to resume training but have yet to submit their risk mitigation plans are reminded to submit the plans to SRFAC for vetting and approval prior to resuming training, as per the process stated in previous update memos ( For avoidance of doubt, TCs which had submitted their risk mitigation plans to SRFAC and had such plans approved, need not re-submit for approval. Non-compliance of the safety measures and training guidance may result in termination of the TC’s accreditation. SRFAC will continue to conduct compliance checks and TCs are reminded to provide continuous updates on all confirmed/scheduled classes.